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I just thought I'd let you know how my day was today. Today I had to give a presentation in my psychology class on a disorder. And I had been dreading this all semester long. And this morning I was so nervous I could barely breathe. I listened to one of the CD's before class today, and I was really concentrating on my full breaths all day.

As I got up there to speak I thought I was going to choke. And then when the instructor looked at me to give the go ahead to start, I took a big beautiful full breath of air and my targets just flowed out and every word after that just seem to follow as perfectly. The whole 5 minutes I was up there, every sentence was flawless.

I have never felt so wonderful about speaking in public my whole entire life. After class was over, I got in my car and the happy tears of joy just went crazy! I couldn’t believe how well I did and I haven’t felt that way in a LONG time!

Just wanted to let you know how grateful I am that I actually feel ok to speak out loud and how grateful I am for what you do.