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We talked briefly a couple of months ago but I never really got a chance to tell you how I have been. Well, it's been great.

When I came to the program in Summer of 2002 I was struggling to stay in the Army Special Forces Qualification Course. Well, I graduated. I got my Green Beret. It was a tough road because I was still nervous about my speech, but it was no where near what it was before.

Now I'm in Iraq on a great team with some great guys. It’s awesome being able to sit down and have complete conversations without wondering if I will get out the next sentence. I even got a chance to teach a platoon of Iraqi Army soldiers on military operations. It was wonderful. My teammates will never understand why I talk so much. I tell them it’s because I have over 20 years to catch up on, so I have work to do. I don’t even care if I say something completely stupid as long as I get to say it.

My social life has also been a blast. I've talked to more women than I ever would have dreamed. Before the program I wouldn’t even ask a girl to dance. Now I’m a dancing fool. Life is so much better and I have so much to look forward to . Thank you for all that you did for me and all that you continue to do for me day after day.

I hope to see you in the future. Thanks again and take care.