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I first want to thank you for making my son Anthony feel so at home. From the moment he arrived in Virginia he could not stop telling me how nice the people were and how welcomed he felt. I wouldn't be surprised if my son told me that he would like to move there - that is how impressed he was.

Ross, Karrie I can't thank you both enough for the wonderful job you did with my son Anthony. When he left New York, Anthony was listless, depressed, lacked motivation and ambition and in the short time he was in Virginia, when he would call me, I immediately heard the difference in him - he had hope!!! Not only did I hear the difference in his speech but in his being! I had never heard my son so excited about anything. He sounded wonderful - spoke beautifully and was just so happy.

It is amazing, and to be quite honest, in as much as I really did want to believe that this program was going to work, I did feel a bit skeptical. I found it hard to comprehend that in such a short period of time (only two weeks) that such a drastic change could occur.

When Anthony returned home and showed us his entrance and exit interview tapes I just couldn’t stop crying. You are amazing. My son is so excited about life now and just can’t wait to start doing all that he was unable to do before.

I can't tell you how hard I have been praying for a miracle to happen for my son. I must say, once again, the good Lord has answered my prayers. Thanks to both of you, you have helped Anthony get back his life - you are both such wonderful people. The both of you must feel such satisfaction in doing the beautiful work that you do. Imagine, helping so many people - giving them a life they could not have had otherwise. You are truly God's angels on earth and I pray that God will always bless you and your families. I can never repay you for this beautiful miracle that you have given my son.