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Every time I sit down to write this letter, I cry tears of joy. What you have taught Danny, has given him back his confidence and smile. It has been a long time since I have seen Danny speak to me without his hand over his mouth and his eyes looking down at the floor. He stands with his chest out, shoulders back, and belts out every word with confidence. Since being home, he has answered most of the telephone calls (I have to race him to get to the telephone) and he volunteers to go to the store.

That horrible day in March, when one of Danny's classmates called him "stutter boy," is a day that I now call a blessing. That was the day that Danny made the decision to enter the program.

When I speak about the program to my family and friends, I praise you and your staff for all of your efforts and patience in helping these students. I call you "The Miracle Maker of Fluent Speech."

Again, I thank you and your staff for giving Danny his freedom to enjoy speaking.

Sincerely yours,
Linda Dante