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My son, Josiah, age 16, completed your course about one month ago. From the moment he had come home, he was different. Formerly he refused to speak on the phone. But he got a cell phone and now uses it with great anticipation. He formerly refused to talk to the neighbors, but now he goes there with pleasure to talk to them. He even called ESPN national Sports Talk radio to openly voice his opinions for everyone in the county to hear! He even told me, Dad, I don't want to be a stockbroker anymore… I want to be a Sports Talk radio announcer. Could we ever have expected a more dramatic change?

I have a letter that Josiah wrote four months ago regarding his stuttering and his refusal to work anymore with a speech teacher. He hated her and hated speech class because he felt it did nothing. He was so bitter toward her and toward the world about his stuttering problem. But your course is remarkable. He told me that he worked harder that anyone else in your class, and he was so proud of himself when he returned, and he has maintained that joy over his success. Our entire family and friends share in this blessing.

My sister in law, a speech therapist, was equally amazed. She has taken your class information to refer it to some of her clients.

Thank you a thousand times.

God bless,